Sunnyside Loves America - Sunnyside (Digital Exclusive)

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Muela Play
Muela Play
27 Sep 2019

Star and Executive Producer Kal Penn shares a look at the hilarious new comedy Sunnyside.
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Garrett Modi was living the American Dream. As the youngest New York City Councilman ever, he was rubbing elbows with the political elite and attending star-studded parties. But instead of spending his time in office helping the people who got him elected, he lost his way amidst the power and glamour of politics. When his downward spiral got him busted for public intoxication, it was all caught on tape and ended his career. Now, Garrett's crashing with his sister, Mallory, and wondering where it all went wrong. That is, until he's hired by a diverse group of hopefuls who dream of becoming American citizens and believe he can help - giving him a new sense of purpose and a chance for redemption, as long as he remembers where he came from.

The cast includes Kal Penn, Diana Maria Riva, Joel Kim Booster, Kiran Deol, Poppy Liu, Moses Storm and Samba Schutte.

Sunnyside Loves America - Sunnyside (Digital Exclusive)


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